What does it mean to elevate your impact?

From working on the ground with our producers, to paying above fair trade prices, to partnering with rotating projects that improve Colombia’s coffee community, we make sure one bag of coffee can achieve great things.

The Beans To Mind Project

Beans to Mind is a pilot project in partnership with Lucia Bawot that focuses on improving mental health and wellbeing for 40 female coffee farmers and pickers in Colombia with the help of psychologists who specialize in working with rural communities. Alejandra felt especially moved by her book “We Belong” An Anthology of Colombian Women Coffee Farmers.” The goal is to empower women, who make up a vital percentage of the coffee-growing workforce, by destigmatizing therapy and offering them wellness tools that can improve their life and standing.

María Lucía Cepeda, a coffee farmer from La Plata,  Huila

Elevating an Ever-Changing Coffee Community

There’s no one way to elevate; and that is why Estellar's founder works on the ground with producers and partners to understand the different programs needed to create impact. Check back regularly to see Estellar’s 360 approach to social good. The larger our own community grows, the more we can help our community in Colombia.

Ana Elena Bohorqué, a coffee farmer from Planadas, Tolima.