About Us

From La Finca To Your Cup

Colombia's unique environment makes it one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, producing beautiful coffee year-round. Its volcanic soil and high mountains contribute to unparalleled flavor. In fact, the name Estellar is inspired by the combination of the word "stellar" and the Spanish word "estelar," which means "exceptional quality" in Spanish. Just as the volcanic soils give life and body to the beans, they infuse every cup of coffee with great flavor. The name is a true representation of the experience you get in a cup - one that immerses you in the culture every sip.

Elevating Your Senses And Your Impact

With Estellar, a portion of every bag directly impacts the communities it comes from. Whether that’s investing in education, upskilling, or farming, you can enjoy a good cup of coffee while doing good. And as Estellar grows, we’ll be looking for more and more opportunities to give back, and we want you to join us on the journey.

Cultivating Partnerships, Sowing Quality: Sip with Purpose

At Estellar, our journey begins at the source. We hand-select coffee producers who share our quality commitment.Our specialty coffee farmers are more than producers to us. A relationship built on collaboration and shared values, rather than focusing solely on profit. We prioritize providing our partners with prices exceeding fair trade standards, ensuring they have the necessary support to cultivate the finest, cleanest first-grade coffee.

Quality Control 

We believe that the journey from bean to cup is a meticulous process that deserves the utmost attention. By sourcing only the highest quality beans through direct relationships with producers, we ensure that every sip of our coffee reflects the dedication to delivering an extraordinary coffee experience.

As we continue with this commitment, we strive to find better ways to enhance our coffee at every stage. Whether through roasting techniques, continuous refinement of our quality control processes, or exploring new avenues in sourcing, our Q Grader-led team and partners are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards.

Direct Sourcing + Small Batch Roasting

What sets our small batch roasting apart is our dedication to quality extends beyond the source. We believe in forging a deep and personal connection, which is why we make regular visits every couple of months. This connection is indispensable to us and an integral part of Estellar’s values.

In our eyes, everyone in the supply chain matters. Our coffees aim to showcase the hard work and terroir of each bean’s origin.

We're not just roasters; we're storytellers. Every coffee has a unique tale to tell. That's why we fresh roast weekly, ensuring that every sip is a fresh chapter in the story of your coffee.

Freshness Guaranteed: Our small batches mean that your coffee is always freshly roasted. You can savor the full spectrum of flavors and aromas that the beans have to offer.
Our mission is to connect the exceptional quality of your coffee to a positive impact on the world. Join us on this remarkable journey, one mindful sip at a time.

Meet Alejandra

About the Founder

Alejandra is a first generation Colombian-American who began her career in finance before embarking on a journey to pursue her two biggest passions: Colombian coffee and social impact. Both of her parents are from Colombia, so she spent many of her summers in Colombia visiting extended family and witnessing first-hand her parents work to ensure their communities’ had a better future.

Coffee was always a constant topic of conversation in her family and in late 2019, Alejandra visited her first coffee farm. Seeing the complexity and process from seed to cup gave her a new appreciation for brewing coffee and connecting to her heritage. She began spending more time every morning studying and appreciating the various aromas and flavor profiles of different coffee and truly immersed herself in the sensory science of taste and smell.

In the summer of 2022, Alejandra officially earned her certification as a Q-Grader, a Coffee Sommelier, giving her the foundational knowledge to professionally evaluate the sensory experience of diverse coffees. Notably, there are only approximately 8,000 Q-Graders worldwide, as only around 40% of exam takers successfully pass the rigorous certification. She remains committed to her curiosity and hopes that Estellar can offer people a perspective on coffee that goes beyond being just a beverage, seeing it as a means to expand horizons, connect with different communities, and form human connections over a freshly brewed pot.