Embark on a journey with 5 by Estellar, a social club meticulously crafted to unite individuals through the art of coffee, gastronomy, music, and a shared sense of community.  

5 elevates into curated experiences and spaces, where every gathering is a tapestry of shared passions. 5  becomes the canvas for forging connections, where individuals converge to revel in the exceptional. 

It’s not merely a club but a sanctuary where new friendships are formed and extraordinary moments are savored in an ambiance. At 5, the convergence of people, culture, and unparalleled experiences defines a lifestyle of curiosity an emblem of exploration and unrestrained spirit in every experience.

Follow us for an invitation to our next experience.

Estellar Specialty Coffee & Chef Hotchkin

An intimate dinner featuring Estellar coffee and the culinary artistry of Chef Jack Daniel. Each dish is a work of art infused with coffee, paired with our signature coffee, Sacred Sidra, and ending with Yemen coffee.

Biite Club: Rare Coffee + Rare Records with Estellar Coffee & Hooked at Dudley Market

On Sunday September 10th, the absolute best come together to bring LA's coffee culture to new heights with a 3-course pairing and cupping party for real deal coffee lovers.

Plus, a community-led rare Vinyl set and a warm welcome to Chef Diego Hernandez, Latin America's 50 Best restaurant winner; Corazón de Tierra in Valle de Guadalupe, MX.